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Woods Painting Services

Tim Woods Painting before and after photo

Lacquer • Enamel • Stain Matching • Interior • Exterior

Exterior Painting: First we power wash to provide a clean surface for painting. Then we scrape and sand to remove lose paint and fill voids and cracks in siding and trim with the appropriate patching compound. We then re-glaze the windows and caulk and prime where necessary. The final step is to apply premium quality exterior paint.

Interior Painting: We start by washing all areas that may cause adhesion problems.Then we caulk, putty and perform minor drywall repairs where ever necessary. Next we prime bare wood, drywall and and any stains. After masking and protecting floors, furniture and belongings, we scrape and sand as necessary. Finally, we apply premium quality interior paint.


Tim Woods Painting is a licensed, bonded, and insured painting contractor in Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County, CA, offering free estimates, quality service, fine finishes to flatwork, specializing in lacquer, enamel and stain matching. © 2013 Tim Woods Painting